Enrich Your Business with Teckpro
Teckpro leads the way in providing advanced solutions that reward customer loyalty - this enriches the gaming experience and drives revenue growth. By operating a Sentinel card membership system players can be signed up to promotional activities and receive loyalty points based on the number of games played.

When players present their membership card to the gaming machine they are greeted with a personalised message and informed of any pending promotions.

The operator can also define Free Play bonuses to encourage attendance and make these conditional on spend.

Where cashless gaming is permitted customers can transfer machine payout to their membership card or a personal account maintained by the operator. This account can be integrated with online gaming sites that are operated by the business. As this is a cash-only account credit and debit card fraud is eliminated, whilst customers have piece of mind dealing with businesses situated on the high street.

Key to the membership system is the Sentinel card reader, an attractive device that combines card reader, display, touchpad and secure wireless network over which machine and player’s data is exchanged.

Sentinel can be fitted to gaming machines with serial credit and payout devices as it co-exists on the same bus. Other types of machine are supported but may have reduced functionality.

Sentinel cards and readers are available for integration with existing Machine Management Systems.


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