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Sentinel RFID Card Reader/Writer
The Sentinel RFID Card System can be used to integrate loyalty schemes with gaming equipment by awarding points based on the number of games played.

In addition Sentinel can be used for electronic token or money transfer on gaming or vending equipment. Transfer cash to the card and realise a cashless system. No more coin jams or security issues with cash handling.
  • Loyalty point accumulation.
  • Electronic Token or Credit.
  • Unique ID for Player tracking.
  • Card memory available to application.
  • Operates ON line in enterprise solutions communicating with a centralised database over Ethernet.
  • Operates OFF line where information is retained within the card in secure electronic format.
  • Interfaces include Ethernet, ccTalk and RS232.
  • Support for gaming industry protocols BACTA EDC 7.0 and ccTalk.
  • Support for vending industry protocols MDB and BDV in development.
  • 16 input keypad and 2x16 character LCD model options available.
  • Captive card motor option available.
    Sentinel Security
  • No physical connections; data on card read/modified through radio frequency communications
  • Random challenge and response techniques with encrypted ciphers.
  • Card capture.
    Technical Features
  • Power 5V at 300mA (Max)
  • Ethernet 10Mbit/sec RJ45 connection.
  • ccTalk 12-24v interface.
  • RS232 12v and TTL options available.
  • RTC– with non-volatile SRAM
  • I2C EEPROM up to 512K bytes
  • Sentinel can be supplied in contactless, insert, insert with bezel or captive format.
    The Datasheets below are in PDF format, you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view these files which can be downloaded from here. Please note that some of the datasheets maybe large (some greater than 3MB) and may take some time to download.
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