Teckpro specialises in the design and development of electronic and software products on behalf of client companies in both industrial and consumer marketplaces.

Key to Teckpro’s success is the ability to complete projects rapidly and to a high standard of quality thereby increasing the return on a client’s investment through early market penetration. Substantial experience of optimising developments for high volume manufacture also enables Teckpro to create highly cost-effective product designs which further enhance the opportunity for clients to achieve margin improvement. In contrast, bespoke designs for one-off or small quantity products can be realised to the same high standards. A complete design service is provided, including the location of component suppliers and sub-contract manufacturers throughout Europe. Products can be delivered at any desired stage from working concept model to a full production package ready for volume manufacture by the client or by a third-party sub-contractor. Full testing and certification can be undertaken for compliance with EC directives and other national or international standards.

In-house skills include Windows® CE embedded design, Intel® Xscale™ hardware design, machine control systems, Radio Frequency Identification, Image recognition, battery powered meters, intrinsic safety, automated payment and cash handling systems.

Industrial and graphic design for housings and enclosures are currently provided through close working relationships with other specialist design houses. However Teckpro are pleased to offer a turn-key project management service with a single point of contact.

Through working closely with client personnel in every stage of a project, Teckpro aim not only to keep clients fully informed of progress towards price and performance goals, but also to build upon the valuable knowledge and expertise possessed by clients relating to their own particular areas of business. In this way, the resulting developments are most likely to meet client expectations and to provide products which correctly address the needs of their own customers.

  • Consultancy
  • Specification
  • Development
  • Board Layout
  • OS Porting
  • Device Driver Development
  • ITL Certification Support
  • Hardware Design Recommendation
  • Electro-mechanical Design
  • Migration Paths
  • Performance Improvements
  • Onsite Consulting
  • Product life cycle management
  • Prototype or Reference Platform Build
  • Maintenance and Upgrade Releases.
  • Support
  • Basic, Priority & Long Term Support
  • 24 x 7 Support Upgrades
  • Porting Kit Support
  • Source Code Support
  • Basic Incident Support
  • Developer Incident Support
  • Product Design
  • Teckpro are able to provide all the design services necessary to bring products to market;
  • Electronics Design
  • Software Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Production

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