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Playsafe Monitoring
25th January, 2005. Playsafe Monitoring launch first wireless Solution for data and machine monitoring at ATEI show, Earls Court, London.

About Playsafe Monitoring
Playsafe Monitoring are the leading specialist designer and supplier of machine monitoring solutions and electronic data capture systems to the gaming and amusement industry. Playsafe have been approved by regulatory authorities and certificated by national testing institutes. A Playsafe EDC device can be used to monitor all types of gaming and amusement equipment – cash takings, machine usage and operational functions.
Playsafe Monitoring is based in Bath, Somerset, England. For more information, visit

In order to maintain their market lead, Playsafe Monitoring needed to make their EDC device wireless and provide interfaces to their new internet based control and management system, The company’s EDC devices relied on a hard wired network with fixed machine locations. Playsafe Monitoring needed a solution with greater flexibility, improved connectivity and reduced infrastructure cost.

Teckpro Solution.
Playsafe Monitoring approached Teckpro Limited for a solution. Teckpro helped Playsafe define the requirements of their system and then developed a custom version of their Windows CE based Radstock single board computer. The result was a WiFi enabled EDC unit that has secure communications and can easily interface with Playsafe’s control and management system.

“We selected Teckpro for their ability to develop .net solutions and their vast knowledge of the gaming industry,” said David Stenning, the Managing Director of Playsafe Monitoring.

“Outsourcing the development of the hardware platform and Operating system allowed us to focus on our application software and reduce the development time of the project.”
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