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Cursor Controls Limited.
World leaders in Trackball innovations.

About Cursor Controls Limited.
Cursor Controls design and manufacture what is considered by many, as the world’s most comprehensive Trackball range.
Acknowledged as one of the leading innovators of Trackball
technology, Cursor Controls continues to maintain its position at the forefront of the industry.
The Cursor Controls Trackballs are compatible with the latest computer operating systems and can be sealed up to IP68 ingress standards. Cursor Controls Ltd are based in Newark in East Midlands, England.
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In order to maintain their market lead and offer a solution for the most challenging of applications, Cursor Controls needed to develop a Trackball that was sealed to IP68 and wholly waterproof.
The existing technology used on the Trackballs allowed for a sealing level of IP65 which did not offer sufficient protection for some of the harsh enviroments.
Cursor Controls needed a cost effective solution that could be used in the harshest enviroments and applications.

Teckpro Solution.
Cursor Controls approached Teckpro for an optical solution.
Teckpro, making use of their past experience on image capture and identification technology, were able to develop an optical solution for the Trackball. Using the latest solid state optical navigation technology, Teckpro were able to offer Cursor Controls a wholly waterproof solution which is almost maintenance free and one of the most cost effective industrial pointing devices on the market today.

“We selected Teckpro for their experience on image capture and recognition technology ,” said Tony Sutton ,the Managing Director of Cursor Controls Ltd.

“ Outsourcing the development of the optical technology allowed us to bring the new technology to market quickly and at reduced risk.”
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